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Visiting Addis Ababa

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Ethiopia - Map

Addis Ababa

The capital of Ethiopia is the most populous city in the country and also one of the busiest. It is located more than 2,300 meters on the slopes of Mount Entoto and its origins date back to the 19th century as previously it was only occupied by small indigenous tribes until thermal waters with healing properties were discovered there.

Despite its brief history, the city has a history of conquests, as it was the capital of Italian Africa until they were expelled. Currently, it is the most important political and economic centre in the country, as well as being the headquarters of the African Union. The city’s National Museum of Ethiopia is where you can learn the roots of its foundation and in the Museum of Natural History, the country’s natural relics can be found. Other points of interest are St. George's Cathedral, from the 19th century; the Hager Fikir Theatre, the oldest in the country; Merkato, the largest open-air market in Africa; and the University of Ethiopia, famed for its youthful environment.

Ethiopia - Mapa
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