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Argentina - Map

Shopping at Argentina

Going shopping in Argentina is one of the favorite activities for visitors and citizens alike. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is full of shops that cater for all tastes. From the most exclusive designers in the neighborhood of Palermo to the clothing and vintage stores of San Telmo.

One of the most valued items is Argentine silver. Of Creole tradition - formerly it was used in religious decoration and in household utensils - today it is one of the most common materials in the country's jewellery, often incorporated into pieces with rhodochrosite, a reddish pink stone typical of Argentina.

A typical object, found in almost all Argentinian homes is the mate bowl, a small wooden and metal bulb shaped bowl, used to drink mate, a traditional herbal tea infusion which is of great cultural significance throughout South America. Argentine wine is worth taking home with you and can be found in supermarkets throughout the country.


Antiques from Argentina

<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

One of the best cities to buy antiques is Buenos Aires.

In the neighborhood of San Telmo there are some shops where you can buy vintage items, plus every Sunday in the Plaza Dorrego a market is organised where you can buy antique magazines, second-hand books, vinyl, clothing, jewellery and furniture.



<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

Craft shops are spread throughout Argentina, and there is a long tradition of artisanship throughout the country. Some of the most typical items are those made with alpaca, such as photo frames, tea boxes, the soles of some shoes, etc.

You can also find a variety of ceramics and wood articles, especially in many of its villages where the figure of the gaucho still persists. A great souvenir, typical of both the south and the north of the country are the musical instruments. Silver is also one of the most worked materials in many of the craft workshops.



<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

One of the most widely used materials in Argentina which is commonly manufactured into purses, belts, bags and articles of clothing. In Buenos Aires there is a street dedicated exclusively to the sale of leather in Murillo, where up to 50 leather shops are located.

One of the best known is the Murillo 666, a gigantic shop where you can buy all kinds of garments and accessories made of leather.


Silver Argentina

<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

Argentine silver is a registered trademark since it has a long Creole tradition. Originally, many of the motifs were religious, as silver was used for altars and in the decoration of many churches. Silver was also shaped into a  large number of everyday utensils, such as cutlery for the most affluent classes.

In Buenos Aires do not miss the silver shop Juan Carlos Pallarols, one of the most prestigious in the country. In the case of jewellery, one of the most coveted pieces is those that have rhodochrosite, a reddish pink stone typical of Argentina, embedded in the silver.



<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

Argentina has great Buenos Aires fashion designers. The best city to find stores with exclusive items is in Buenos Aires, especially the neighborhood of Palermo, where a large number of boutiques are concentrated, as well as the workshops of young designers.

The best prices, however, can be found in the neighborhood of Once, where there are no large international or local firms, but some of the wholesalers and retailers of cheap and tasteful textiles. Some of the most typical garments in Argentina are ponchos and vicuña shawls.



<em>Argentina</em> - Mapa <em>Argentina</em> - Mapa

It is the most typical infusion of Argentina. It is made with maté grass and, more than a drink in itself, it has become a culture and tradition of the country. It is usually consumed in a mate bowl cup through a metal straw, known as a bombilla. A mate set is one of the most typical objects of Argentina, so it is a good gift to take home that can be found in many of the local shops, both in the capital and in small towns.

Argentina - Mapa
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Travel to Argentina

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Barrie Searle
“An uplifting & confirming trip.”
The wonderful aspects of nature that we saw on the trip were spectacular and left us with plenty of poignant memories.
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Mr & Mrs Preston
Rainbow Mountains, Glaciers & Lakes
'Excellent all round'
20 May 2019

“Hotels were first class, excellent locations, excursions were amazing, guides were excellent, knowledgable, obliging and courteous.”

Mr & Mrs Beard
Cities, Falls & Beaches of South America
'Our holiday was, as was our previous holiday with Exoticca, very well organised and the included and optional excursions were excellent.'
14 May 2019

“Buenos Aires is a very interesting city and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.
The other hotels were extremely good with very comfortable beds and excellent breakfasts and the one in Rio De Janeiro very well located.
The falls at Iguazu are breathtaking and the optional boat trip under the Iguazu falls was definitely worth doing and an exhilarating experience.”

Mr & Mrs Beard
Cities, Falls & Beaches of South America
'Thank you for an amazing time'
14 April 2019

“The last few days at the coast were the perfect end to a busy holiday and the included boat trip was a wonderful finale.

Buenos Aires, Iguazu & Patagonia
'We fell in love with Argentina and would love to return.'
13 December 2018

“The organisation which included tours, transfers and internal flights was excellent. Local tour companies were spot on with communication and we had friendly English speaking tour guides throughout. We knew the trip would be 'full-on' to fit in everything scheduled but it was just fantastic and worth the effort.”

Emma Isenman
South American Cities & Wonders
‘We had a wonderful trip.’
10 September 2018

“‘Stunning locations and great to explore so much in such a short space of time.’

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