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Ecuador - Map

The Devil's Nose

One of the biggest attractions in Ecuador is in the province of Chimborazo. The government of Eloy Alfaro commissioned the "toughest railroad in the world" project to North American technicians with the objective of transporting products and reducing the 17-hour journey from Guayaquil, on the coast, to Quito in the Andes. Thus, from the mouth of the Guayas River, the Devil’s Nose climbed the slopes of the majestic Chimborazo to reach Quito for the first time in 1908. Unfortunately, the condors left the site when the works began and many human lives were lost during its construction due to landslides and tropical diseases, difficulties that were considered as diabolical, a determining detail in the naming of the railroad.

It has been catalogued as a world masterpiece of railway engineering for allowing the train to move in a zig-zag on a wall of rock almost perpendicular, forward and backward, with manual changes of the track, descending and ascending until reaching sufficient height to continue towards the viewpoint.

The natural scenery that runs along the road allows you to enjoy the beautiful Andean landscape with pointed slopes, clouds, vertiginous abysses, the Chanchán river, the Chiripungo canyon and areas of lush vegetation.
If you are lucky enough to enjoy this unique trip to the edge of the mountain, challenging the difficult terrain in a beautiful wooden train like those of yesteryear, you will participate in the history of Ecuador and treasure an exciting railway experience.

Ecuador - Mapa
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