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Shopping at Nepal

For those who don’t know what to buy in Nepal, we would tell them to start getting their suitcase ready because there are lots of souvenirs you will want to take home with you. Wooden and bronze handicrafts, mountain clothing, Buddhist religious objects, tea, jewellery and a long etcetera of typical products.

This South Asian country is multicultural, multilingual and has been secular since 2008. Although Hinduism was the official religion up until 2006, the Buddhist population also makes up a significant percentage in Nepal.

Thamel in Kathmandu is the central shopping area, so if you want to buy typical products of Nepal, you have to visit the city.  Let’s see what the most typical souvenirs are that travellers usually take home and what you can buy in Nepal.


Mountain clothing

The fact that the Himalayas can be accessed from Nepal means that millions of tourists who love hiking and trekking visit the country each year.  The business of mountain clothing at a good price has grown exponentially in recent years.

For this reason, one of the things to buy in Nepal is mountain clothing at a good price.  Indeed, there are many forgeries, so you have to look properly where to buy to obtain the quality necessary for tackling your adventure in the snowy mountains.


Hippie clothing

Nepal is one of the main producers of this kind of clothing which is sold in nearly all Spanish street markets.  All types of colourful garments made of wool or cotton and some with natural dyes, fill the street stalls and the shops.

The price of this style of clothing is very low in comparison with the sales price on Spanish street stalls and tourist beaches.  However, don't forget to haggle since they will try to sell to you at a higher price.


Precious and semi-precious stones

If you want to buy turquoise by the weight, Nepal is the ideal place to do so.  Other stones used in jewellery such as amethyst, jade, amber and lapis lazuli are also sold.  Choral is another of the typical products of Nepal which is used to make decorations and accessories.


Nepalese jewellery

Nepal has a strong tradition in jewellery, they form part of the country’s culture. The Nepalese artisans mostly use copper, but also gold and silver to make the pieces.  Amongst their creations, it is common to see jewellery with representations in Sanskrit, the religious language of Buddhism.

You will be able to find rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and a myriad of jewellery to buy in Nepal as a gift.  Normally they are hand carved according to thousand year old traditions and are combined mostly with turquoise and amber.


Religious objects

Within the category of souvenirs in Nepal, religious objects take up a prominent place.   Everywhere you will see figurines of gods from the Hindu pantheon, Buddha figures, malas (Tibetan rosaries), prayer wheels, prayer flags, and everything related to the Buddhist religion.

Other typical products of Nepal par excellence are the Tibetan bowls.  These bowls which are made of 7 metal alloys, produce a very specific sound, highly valued by music therapists and followers of the New Age.  Its harmonics promise to balance the chakras and heal the body and mind from all types of energetic blocks.


Kukri knives

These typical Nepalese knives are the ones the Gurkha fighters carried, so it could be one of the most original souvenirs from Nepal. They are of great value given that their blade curves like the handle and sheath that protect them, they are hand carved or even with inlays of bones, ivory or metal.

The importance of these knives is such that, from the age of five, a Nepalese child has their own knife.  Each part of it has a very specific religious and cultural meaning, so you won't just be buying a typical product of Nepal, but also a piece of its culture.



Of all the things to buy in Nepal, antiques take up a prominent place. You can find true works of art in the form of antique furniture decorated with bright colours, boxes, musical instruments, jewellery, sculptures or paintings.

In Thannel there are antique shops with certificates of authenticity where you can buy unique pieces of great value.  In these establishments, of course, haggling is not permitted.  To do this, you will have to be daring in the street stalls, but there you will probably find replicas or forgeries.


Tea and spices

The fact that its population is multi-ethnic, but with clear Hindu influences, means this country uses spices abundantly in its gastronomy. Accordingly, you can buy hundreds of rich spices in the stalls and markets as a souvenir of Nepal.

Tea, in turn, is another of the main players, and a must buy in Nepal, you have a wide range of teas: black tea, chai tea, cardamom tea, green tea and peppermint tea.  There are also mixes of herbs, sold as medicinal tea with a high purifying value.

As you can see, you have a long list of things to buy in Nepal, along with the art of haggling, it will be difficult for you to resist the temptation of bringing back lots of souvenirs from your trip.

Nepal - Mapa
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“Well, yet again you have provided an excellent experience. The views at dawn of the clouds beneath us and the sun creeping along snow-covered mountain peaks all enhanced our experience of Nepal as were the journeys between. Enhanced by our excellent driver, knowledgeable, personable and intelligent guide who was able to answer any question and always engaged with our small group.”

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