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Visiting Muscat

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Port city and capital of Oman, Muscat exudes a calm and cool atmosphere with its immaculate architecture, glistening promenade and friendly locals. The city itself exudes culture, with its many museums and Royal Opera House; there is always something to see or do in Muscat.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is certainly one of the masterpieces of the city and fantastic example of modern Islamic architecture. Inside it’s immense prayer hall, which is vast enough to hold 20,000 worshippers, is the world's second largest hand-loomed Iranian carpet. On Fridays, the mosque brims with activity as worshipers visit for a weekly prayer service. Another example of modern architecture in Muscat is the Sultan’s Palace, built on the former site of the British Embassy. It exudes majesty with its vibrant facade of blue and gold and it’s sleek design.

Visitors wanting to lose themselves in the sights and smells of a traditional souk should look no further than Muscat’s Mutrah Souq, where getting lost is seen as part of the experience. Market stalls appear to go on for miles and the sheer variety of goods on offer here will please almost anyone. It is the perfect place to buy authentic Iranian goods, antiques and to enjoy a traditional Arabic coffee.


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