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Shopping at Laos

If you can’t think of what to buy in Laos, you should know that there are many typical products that will captivate you. This Asian country doesn’t just offer you handicrafts, but also coffee, tea, jewellery and hundreds of souvenirs that will remind you of your trip.

Travelling through Laos is discovering extraordinarily beautiful landscapes, but not just this, also a different culture.  The idiosyncrasy of this country can be seen in its handicrafts, it is a pleasure to discover its markets and mix with its people.  Don’t miss the chance to take home one of the most typical souvenirs of Laos.


Hand crafted paper lamps

For less than five euros you can buy beautiful handmade paper lamps. You can find them on market stalls, generally in two different sizes. They are fully handmade, including the drawings. The advantage is that they are easy to pack into your suitcase because they fold. Undoubtedly the perfect gift to buy in Laos, whether it's to give as a present or for your own use.



Of all of the typical products of Laos that you can buy, slippers are the best.  No travellers hesitate in taking home some of these warm slippers with drawings of elephants on as a souvenir.  They are also a very original gift, something useful to have at home in the winter.



Everywhere has t-shirts as souvenirs, but in Laos the popular ones are the Beer Lao ones and those that have the Laotion alphabet printed onto them.  If you don’t know what to buy in Laos as a gift from your trip, a t-shirt will always be a good idea.


Handmade bags

Another of the souvenirs from Laos with the most success are handmade bags.  They are very colourful and at knockdown prices.  You will find them in various sizes, and as well as being useful, they are the perfect souvenir from your visit to the country.



Growing and selling silk continues to be a familiar industry in Laos. The traditional designs vary from one region to another, but the quality is supreme, and the work is totally hand crafted. If you want something special to buy in Laos, visit a traditional workshop and get yourself a silk garment at a good price.  In addition, you will be able to see the artisans weaving at the doors to their houses, which will give you the chance to take good photos.


Carved figures

One of the most typical souvenirs of Laos are the carved figures, which can be made of wood, bone or stone.  The Luan Prabang market is one of the places where you will find the most carved works.  There you also have sombreros and palm wickerwork.


Elephant dolls

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qué comprar en laos

If there is a classic souvenir to buy in Laos, it is the handmade elephant dolls. Laos was known as the country of the million elephants years ago, so these dolls can be seen everywhere.



In Laos they hand craft with gold and silver, although there are also specialist shops with higher prices.  Most of the artisans who work with these precious metals come from the tribes of the north.  They are expert goldsmiths who use gold with a 99.99% purity. What better gift to buy in Laos than a good piece of handmade gold or silver.


Mulberry leaf handicrafts

Mulberries are known as Saa paper in Laos, and they are used to make notebooks and note blocks that are 100% environmentally friendly.  For environment-lovers, it is one of the most valued souvenirs from Laos.


Costume jewellery made from the remnants of bombs

Unfortunately, Laos is the country which has suffered more bombs per capita than anywhere else.  More than 270 million bombs fell on the country, of which, 30% never exploded. With the metal from the bombs, my artisans make pieces of costume jewellery, chains and even cutlery. This initiative is supported by NGO's to help the victims and their families. A sure way of contributing to local development and compensate the people.


Akha Dolls

The women of the Akha ethnic group, a remote area of Phongsali, make traditional dolls which are the prettiest souvenirs of Laos you will have seen. They are very colourful and a reminder of the cloth dolls of our grandmothers.



Yes, in Laos they produce two types of coffee: Robusta and Arabica. Both varieties are high quality and you can buy them by weight, ground coffee or coffee beans. The most original thing is to buy it as a present as a souvenir of Laos, in little bags with Laotion drawings.



In Laos, they drink a lot of tea, both green and black.  The most common and also best-known is the Oolong tea. For tea lovers, it is without a doubt one of the typical products of Laos that best represents the country.

As you will have seen, they are lots of things to buy in Laos, you just have to leave space in your suitcase and bring a little bit of the country back with you as a souvenir.

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Sean McManus
Secrets of the Mekong River
'We really enjoyed our holiday and are already recommend your company to our friends and family.'
8 April 2019

“All of the guides were extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their history, traditions and fellow countrymen and women. They were prompt and always on time. Always ready to advise and help in any way giving details of further visits and places to go in our own time. ”

Louise Noon
Secrets of the Mekong River
'I can only say that yet again, Exoticca excelled and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to S E Asia.'
26 November 2018

“The hotels were all excellent and the guides very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. In fact our group mentioned that we wanted to go to the new Golden Bridge while in Central Vietnam and this was promptly arranged as an extra excursion for those that wished to go.

June Best
Secrets of the Mekong River
‘We absolutely loved the trip’
18 September 2018

“The original party of 18 that started in Laos got on so well and enjoyed the hotels, excursions and places we visited.”

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