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Trips to Iceland

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Iceland - Map

A traveller to Iceland will always have the feeling of being far away from everything, despite remaining close to continental Europe, thanks to the powerful landscape. Iceland holidays let the traveller know an island in constant transformation, with over 200 active volcanoes and, numerous hot springs and geysers all over the place.

In stark contrast with the fire, over ten percent of the country is occupied by immense glaciers. Amongst these is the colossal Vatnajökull, the largest in Europe. Especially in summer, The perpetual ice melts and transforms into vast quantities of water which form lakes, waterfalls and extensive fjords of indescribable beauty. On any package tour to Iceland, nature is guaranteed to be the star of the show.


Iceland travel information

  • Entry requirements:
    Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • Visa*:
    No visa is required to enter the country.
  • Currency:
    Icelandic Krona.
  • Language:
  • Electricity:
    220 V. No adapter required.
  • Health:
    There are no mandatory vaccinations for travellers from EU countries.
  • Time zone:
  • Other useful information:
    Tap water is drinkable and probably even more healthy than bottled water, as it is sourced in general from the nearest glacier.
  • Tourist Office website:
* Embassies and ministries of tourism can modify the amounts of visas without prior notice
Iceland - Mapa
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