Interesting facts about Argentina

largest deserts in South America

What are the largest deserts in South America?

South America is a unique place. It is a continent full of contrasts. In South America, you can find beaches, mountains, valleys, jungles, deserts, and snowy peaks. All in the same place. From Patagonia to La Guajira. South America is a continent that has everything between the Pacific and the...

places to visit in Patagonia Argentina

5 places to visit in Patagonia Argentina

Patagonia Argentina is a wonderful place. A natural region that you must visit at least once in your life. We are sure that getting to this place will make you fall in love with the natural wonders of Argentina. To arrive here is to explore the last corner of the...

must see places in Argentina

10 must see places in Argentina

We tell you the 10 must see places in Argentina that you ought not to miss. Whatever it happens. If you travel to the country who gave birth to the Tango, make at least some of the next stops. 1. The Perito Moreno This huge glacier opens our list of must-see...

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Travel Bucket List: Iguazu Falls


The Iguazu Falls should be on your travel bucket list if it isn’t already. You may have seen photos or even visited similar waterfalls elsewhere but this wonder of nature truly must be seen to be believed. More than a million visitors from all over the globe visit every year...