Interesting facts about india

The most spiritual places to travel on Earth


There are as many types of travellers as destinies. In Exoticca we have beaches for the sun addicts, mountains for the explorers, cities for the urbanites… But if you are seeking for a deeper experience, you can also start your spiritual trip on Earth. Visit any of the following destinies...

Top ten most curious temples in India


India is a land of mystery. The centuries-old tradition of Hinduism has ensured a huge amount of temples in India. Some of these are not what you might expect. Can you imagine worshipping at the shrine of a rat? Perhaps, to many tourists, this is unthinkable. However, any holiday package to...

What to do in Varanasi and the magic of The Ganges


Varanasi is best known for being home to the Ganges and has a reputation as being a life-changing place to visit, due to its spiritual importance and the fact that life and death are both so visible and prominent here. This Indian city is the ultimate destination for all Hindu...