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Pacific Islands
Pacific Islands - Map

The Pacific Ocean contains around 25,000 islands (more than all the other oceans in the world put together) nearly all of which are situated south of the Equator. The largest land mass in the Pacific Ocean is the country of Australia, located in the continent of Oceania. Some 3,200 km are the group of islands that constitute New Zealand. Almost all of the smaller Pacific islands extend from southeast Asia to Easter Island, the rest of the Pacific basin has hardly any islands. The Polynesian Triangle, which connects Hawaii Easter Island and New Zealand, includes the archipelagos of the Cook Islands, the Marquesas Islands, the Samoan Islands, the Society Islands, Tokelau Tonga and Tuamotus. North of the equator and west of the International Date Line are various small Micronesian islands including the Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, and the Mariana Islands.

Pacific Islands - Mapa
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